1. Electronic invoices

Electronic invoice address: 003707681718
Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy
Material format: Finvoice

2. PDF invoices

PDF invoices must contain the following address data:

Pauhu Ltd
PL 82303

PDF invoices must be sent as e-mail attachments (max. 5 MB per file) to the following address:

If the invoice contains attachment pages, they must be included in the same file with the actual invoice.

3. Paper invoices

The invoice and the envelope must contain the following address data:

Pauhu Oy
PL 82303

Terms of payment

Net 30 days

Business ID


Vat ID


Additional information

We have adopted electronic processing of invoices and hope to receive all invoices from you in electronic format. If your company is unable to submit electronic invoices or send PDF invoices to our e-mail invoicing address, you can mail paper invoices to the address of our scanning service. We do not accept invoices sent to our visiting address.

Please remember not to send any material other than invoices and their scannable attachments to the scanning service. No other material (such as receipts) will be forwarded from the scanning service. Always make sure that the invoicing address has been precisely specified on the invoice (and on the envelope).