Pauhu Translations complies with The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters’ General Terms of Contract for Translations

Terms of Payment

7 days net upon order.

Terms and conditions for online shop

Pauhu Oy (VAT number FI07681718) (online shop) sells translation services to private persons and companies in Finland and abroad. We reserve all rights to change the terms and conditions, and the prices. All prices include VAT.

Contact us

E-mail: info@pauhu.fi
Telephone: +358 40 866 8669
Address: Apollonkatu 5 B 33, 00100 Helsinki, FINLAND


Orders are collected from the online shop selection by adding services to the shopping basket. The order is confirmed by using the check-out functionality in the online shop to pay for the purchase. By confirming an order, you accept these terms and conditions and the service pricing. An e-mail confirmation will be delivered in case an e-mail address is provided by the time of confirming the order. The e-mail confirmation lists the services ordered and the price breakdown.


Stripe is the payment facilitator of the online shop. Stripe is a payment facilitator authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland. The payment process is conducted in the online service of Transfluent Ltd. Stripe or Transfluent Oy is shown as the payment receiver in the bank account listing and in the invoice. Paying with Transfluent is safe. All information is exchanged through secure connections.

The trade happens between the online customer and the online shop. The online shop is responsible for all obligations related to the trade.

Read more about Transfluent at https://www.transfluent.com

Payment methods

With Stripe, you can pay your order through a credit card.

Cancelling an order, defect liability and reclamations

The customer has right to cancel an order before the order is delivered. The cancellation must be done in writing with an e-mail to the customer support of the online shop. If the customer cancels a translation assignment, the online shop  has the right to compensation for work done up until the day of cancellation. Please attach your name, contact details and your bank account number for receiving a possible refund.

The online shop is liable for defects in the sold services according to the applicable law. Please contact the customer support of the online shop immediately in a case of reclamation. Please inform us without a delay – at least within 14 days – in case there is something wrong with our service. The consumer has a right to file a dispute in the Consumer Disputes Board in a case of dispute between the online shop and the consumer.

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