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Visit our new client portal to order translations!


Now you can order your translations through our client portal at

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Fall translations from Pauhu


Get a quote or contact us, let's discuss your translation needs!

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Spring clean your marketing


Over time, strategies and ways of doing things tend to gather dust. By applying cleaning concepts to your marketing, you can easily keep it crystal clear and efficient. So, get on with it!

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A boss without opinions does not strengthen a brand


To Finnish company managers, expressing an opinion – especially one that is refreshingly edgy or divides public opinion – has traditionally been agonising.

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A good story is not enough


The Kuukausiliite monthly supplement to the largest newspaper in Finland is a parade of Finnish journalism, whose excellence has been praised and awarded numerous times. High quality should, therefore, also be expected from the supplement’s ads, which are increasingly narrated content marketing or native advertising produced by the media company itself. But Kuukausiliite's native ads are not appealing reads. Why is that?

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Come check us out!


Welcome to the heart of Helsinki on Thursday 12 October 2017 from 10 am to 4 pm! The experts at the Marketer’s translation agency Pauhu will let you in on the secrets of translation during an open event for all interested visitors. Our free programme includes refreshments and light snacks.

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Visit our new client portal to order translations!

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