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Create added value with your translations

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With our tips, your translations will be investments instead of harming your reputation.

  1. Price is a poor yardstick. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. At least not if you want to maintain or strengthen your reputation. Before placing an order you should always think about how the end result will affect the opinions of your target group.
  2. Know your audience. Consider who the translation should appeal to. Think broadly. Write the source text so it can be fluently adapted in the target language. Text written for local audiences may be difficult to interpret for other markets.
  3. Expect a translation of the content, not of just the words. Share all your wishes with the translator and provide a style guide. What are you hoping for and why, what will the translation be used for and who do you want to reach? A high-quality translation perceptively relays the tone and content of the source text.
  4. Provide a good briefing. Write comprehensive instructions. Send background materials and previous translations, as well. Don't leave the translator in a vacuum.
  5. Don't translate on your own. A good translation is based on experience and correct grammar, not “muddling”. Even excellent language skills don’t necessarily guarantee a fluent result. A comma in the wrong place can turn a good translation into a bad one. Trust a professional!
  6. Ensure a good result. Expect the translator to proofread the text even after rounds of comments and corrections.

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