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Easter eggs in media

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An Easter egg is a hidden message or joke concealed in pictures, films, music, software or video games. The term, associated with the traditional Egg hunt, was coined in 1979 by Atari after the company noticed a hidden message from programmer Warren Robinett in its Adventure game.

Well-known Easter egg concealers are, for instance, film director Alfred Hitchcock, game studio Bungie, cartoonist Don Rosa and Microsoft. For example, the Microsoft Office 97 software contains a hidden flight simulator, a hidden pinball game and a hidden simulation of the Magic 8 Ball toy.

In cinema, the most common Easter eggs are cameo appearances and the much used Wilhelm scream. In some DVD movies, there are also hidden menus where you can find, for example, deleted material or concept images. Some bands also hide Easter eggs in their music. Bungie has hidden Easter eggs not only in its video games but also in its game music. An Easter egg can be concealed in lyrics or melodies, or be found by manipulating the material some way, e.g. by slowing it down or playing it backwards.

Our new Tone of Voice blog was opened at the spring equinox with a blog post by creative director Anssi Järvinen from SEK & Grey. The next blog post to be published this month will be written by managing director Clarisse Berggårdh of the IUM Finland media agency.

Happy Easter!


P.S. Hufvudstadsbladet published an article about Isis on the 22 March 2015. The picture in the article also includes an Easter egg – can you see it?

Read the newspaper story (in Swedish) here

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