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Owner gives up fight – Finnish Isis changes its name

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Bank refused to forward payments, PayPal froze funds.

Helsinki-based translation agency Isis Translations has quit the battle over its name. The company is changing its name to registered trademark Pauhu Ltd.

“The real Isis is known as the benevolent goddess of creativity. Unfortunately, a certain infamous organization started using the same name. I’ll let you guess the resulting consequences”, says company MD Linda Ahlblad, motivating the name change.

In the fall of 2014, Isis Translations asked the media to call the other organization by its self-proclaimed name, IS (Islamic State), instead of the abbreviation “ISIS”, which the organization itself had stopped using. The name has, however, never gained a foothold in Finland.

Ahlblad says the translation agency has met surprising challenges in its international operations, ranging from denial of service attacks from abroad to various refusals.

“A certain bank refused to forward a payment to us, since the recipient was Isis. US-based money transfer service PayPal, on their part, has repeatedly demanded explanations for our payment transactions. Some of our funds are still under PayPal investigation”, Ahlblad continues.

The company’s new name, Pauhu, is an old Finnish word (meaning ‘rumble’, ‘roar’ or ‘thunder’). No organizations bearing the same name, whether good or bad, are known to exist.

“Pauhu has a far-reaching sound to it. It is also a perfect fit for a Key Flag company, promoting our Finnish origin”, Ahlblad states.

Pauhu Translations specializes in clever marketing translations. The agency features a network of approximately 40 translators, translating into all European languages, as well as Russian. Its clients include American Express, Mercedes-Benz and Ruukki. Pauhu follows the terms of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters and is the only translation agency accredited with the Association for Finnish Work’s Key Flag.


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