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Content = soul, formalities = identity


Text is just text after all, right? Well, not quite! The anatomy of a good translation is more complex than a bunch of words. There are just so many formalities. Mastering these formalities resolves whether the topic – even if it’s an excellent one in itself – will leave a good or bad impression. To be a good translator, you will have to do the following with consistent accuracy – from the first word to the final full stop.

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Blogger and reader – friends?


“I got to test this product line through a blog partnership – and I must say that it's just wonderful!”

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Owner gives up fight – Finnish Isis changes its name


Bank refused to forward payments, PayPal froze funds.

Helsinki-based translation agency Isis Translations has quit the battle over its name. The company is changing its name to registered trademark Pauhu Ltd.

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A city without moving ads


Cityscapes embrace a certain sort of dazzle, including taped-up trams and multicolured illuminated advertisements. The quantity of adverts illustrates the total number of services and the city’s scale of activity. They’re also part of the everyday aesthetics representing a fundamental part of all cityscapes – but everything can nevertheless be done well or poorly, elegantly or without any sense of style.

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Document your content marketing!


Today, many are considering how to reap the best harvest from their marketing. The 2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends - North America report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs conveys an important piece of advice: a documented content marketing strategy has been proven to boost marketing. In other words, sales suffer if the strategy remains empty words instead of being written down.

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