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Spring clean your marketing

Spring clean your marketing

Over time, strategies and ways of doing things tend to gather dust. By applying cleaning concepts to your marketing, you can easily keep it crystal clear and efficient. So, get on with it!

    1. Prune the branches. Cut and remove unnecessary strands from your marketing and storytelling. Unnecessary frills tend to bore people, so just get straight to the point!
    2. Wipe the dust. Do you know how to use all the communication and marketing tools in your toolbox? For example, do you use proper search engine optimization and analytics for your website? Sort through your pack thoroughly to find useful tools that have not been used for a long time or maybe never before.
    3. Organize and sort. Today’s audiences prefer self-made content. Curate, share, flatter and participate in discussions when necessary, but always prioritize your own content.
    4. Clean up your e-mail lists. Update your mailing lists at regular intervals. Remove obsolete addresses and duplicates and upgrade new information. Redundant targets decrease your marketing power. Remember that direct marketing may only be directed at your own customers and natural persons who have given their prior consent (at least in Finland).
    5. Get out of your comfort zone. Do you do things in the same way day after day? To find new marketing models, you need to take time to reflect on your objectives, to analyze your situation and to try new things. You will also need to overcome your fear of failure.
    6. Have fun! Spring cleaning is more fun when you team up with others – clean together, make a joint effort, and discuss your marketing and communications strategies as a group. A new approach will only be useful if all relevant parties know about it and are committed to it.

Pauhu® Translations specializes in communications and marketing translations. Our professionals translate into their native language. Our clients include Ruukki Construction, Veho and Ålandsbanken.


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