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The truth about Isis

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The sharp-eyed owl in our logo is a symbol of Isis, the mother goddess of ancient Egypt. As the matron of wisdom and creativity, Isis sees what we cannot perceive and ensures that the author’s creativity shines through in our translations. Do you know the story of Isis?

  1. Isis is the primal feminine force and Mother Nature. She is the matron of wisdom, creativity, knowledge, magic and love. 
  2. Isis lived among the people. She taught them many useful skills, including literacy and agriculture.
  3. The goddess is known for her thousand names – such as Aphrodite, Astarte, Demeter, Eve, Elissa, Inanna, Ishtar, Mary, Minerva, Sophia and Venus. The Cult of Isis is also known as the Madonna Cult.
  4. Even the Statue of Liberty portrays Isis. A. Bertholdi designed the statue for the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. His proposal was rejected, but being a clever man he recycled his design in New York.
  5. Traditionally, Isis is celebrated as the life-giver on the first day of spring – on the vernal equinox 20 March.

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