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Wellness for the polar night

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Do you know how to stay alert in the dark of winter, or do you sink into despair? We’ve compiled six proven tips to help you overcome the year's bleakest season at work.

  1. Stay active. Exercise alleviates low mood even faster than anti-depressants. Even a small exercise break once a day gets blood flowing and refreshes your mind in the middle of the workday. Ask your colleagues to join you!
  2. Add light to your environment. Light candles, yard lights, build a fire in the fireplace. Anything that will keep the darkness at bay. Fifteen minutes a day in front of a glowing sun lamp also compensates for the lack of sunlight.
  3. Sleep well. A good night's sleep is the basis for sound brain function. Lack of sleep predisposes you to depression.
  4. Organise something to look forward to. Arrange to see friends, have a Christmas party or book a weekend holiday. When you're in good company, the dreariest time of year doesn't need to be the dullest.
  5. Don’t wallow in bad news. For some reason, the most distressing news events seem to pile up right in the middle of the darkest time of year, adding to the gloom. Turn the page. Don't click on it. Find something better to read.
  6. Bring joy to others. Do something selfless that cheers other people. Even a small acknowledgement is enough. And it will lift your spirits, as well. 

Enjoy the countdown to Christmas!

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